Group Exhibition with LundaCraft at Bosjökloster

On July 5 – 19, I will participate in a group exhibition with other LundaCraft artists at Bosjökloster Castle.
Open 11-17 all days.


Easter Exhibition at Strädelängan, Dalby

On April 19-22 I will participate in a group exhibition together with ten other local (Dalby) artists.
Open 12-16 all days.
Strädelängan, Lundavägen 9b, Dalby.


LundaCraft Exhibition at IOGT-NTO, Lund

On December 7 to 9 I will take part in LundaCraft’s ‘Andra Advent’ group exhibition.
Friday, December 7: Opening from 3 pm to 5 pm (15.00 – 17.00).
Saturday, December 8: From 10 am to 5 pm (10.00 – 17.00).
Sunday, December 9: From 10 am to 4 pm (10.00 – 16.00).
IOGT-NTO is situated at Bantorget 5, Lund.



Opening at Maria Thorlund, Lund

The sunny weather brought many visitors to the opening at Maria Thorlund Gallery. Maria had made a great job matching the pictures on the walls with 3-dimensional art objects, e g glassware and ceramics.

(Photo by Kwesi Olsson.)

Moi – photo by Maria Thorlund.


LundaCraft Exhibition at Maria Thorlund, Lund

I will take part in LundaCraft’s group exhibition at Maria Thorlund Gallery, Bankgatan 15, Lund. Opening October 13, runs until October 25.
Open late at ‘Lund Art Night’, October 20.


Summer Exhibition at Bosjökloster Castle prolonged

The exhibition has been prolonged to last until Sunday August 5.


Summer Exhibition at Bosjökloster Castle

This summer I will take part in LundaCraft’s summer exhibition at Bosjökloster Castle, beautifully located at lake Ringsjön south of Höör.
Opening July 15 (1 to 5 pm), after that open every day until July 29 (11 am to 5 pm).

Bosjökloster slott

Bosjökloster Castle.  (Photo by Kwesi Olsson.)


The Easter Exhibition at Strädelängan

The Easter exhibition in Dalby attracted around 400 visitors during four days. All images displayed can be viewed here.


Quite many visitors in spite of the bad weather.


Exhibited black-and-white images …


… as well as colour images.


Some more images, potentially in future book.


My co-exhibitor Mariann Odier-Ros showed fantastic illustrations of poems by greek poet Kostis Papakongos.


Easter Exhibition (FKG) at Strädelängan, Dalby

Easter Exhibition at Strädelängan, Dalby


With LundaCraft at Stadshallen, Lund

The Advent exhibition at Stadshallen, Lund, where I took part together with 27 other exhibitors in various arts and crafts had a lot of visitors all three days. Most of them lookers, not so many buyers, though. Still I managed to sell two photographs. I showed some old images and some new.

P1340021  P1330970P1330962


Advent exhibition with LundaCraft at Stadshallen, Lund

December 1 to 3, I will participate in a group exhibition with LundaCraft at Stadshallen, Lund.



Summer exhibition with LundaCraft at Jäger & Jansson

This summer, July 1 – 15, I will participate in a group exhibition with LundaCraft at the Jäger & Jansson Gallery in Lund. A selection of the images shown at Easter will be shown there.


Easter exhibition round up

The Easter exhibition at Strädelängan, Dalby went quite well. Not too many visitors, partly due to the cold weather, but to my surprise I was able to sell a couple of images. Here a few photos from the exhibition:

Photo by Kwesi Olsson

Photo by Kwesi Olsson

Photo by Kwesi Olsson

Photo by Kwesi Olsson

The images that were exhibited can be found here and can still be purchased, just send me an email.


Konstrunda Easter/påsk 2017

As a member of ‘Fria Konstnärers Gille’ (FKG), I will this Easter (2017) participate in their ‘Konstrunda’ with 15-20 images.
Time: Friday, April 14 to Monday, April 17, 10 AM to 6 PM.
Place: Strädelängan, Lundavägen 9b, Dalby (see image and map below).

Som medlem i Fria Konstnärers Gille (FKG), deltar jag påsken 2017 i deras konstrunda med 15-20 bilder.
Tid: Fredag 14 april (långfredag) t o m måndag 17 april (annandag påsk), kl. 10-18.
Plats: Strädelängan, Lundavägen 9b, Dalby (se bild och karta nedan).

Strädelängan i Dalby.

Strädelängan, Dalby.


At ‘Galleri Stattin’

This is how it looked in the week-end in my corner at ‘Galleri Stattin’ on the FKG exhibition (see below).


At ‘Galleri Stattin’, Eljaröd. Photo by Kwesi Olsson.


Österlen Lyser

On November 4-6 I will participate with a couple of photos in the collective exhibition of Fria Konstnärers Gille (FKG) at ‘Galleri Stattin, Eljaröd (address: Eljaröd 1112, 273 56 Brösarp).
This exhibition is part of the event Österlen Lyser (full program as pdf here).


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