Images at LundaCraft Exhibition – Dec 12, 2021

These are the sixteen images I showed at the LundaCraft Exhibition, at IOGT Lund on Dec 12, 2021. If you are interested in buying any image, just send me a mail at

Vatican Museums, Rome

Monte Pincio, Rome

The Uffizi Galleries, Florence

Thorvaldsens’ Museum, Copenhagen

Timber Framing Wall 1, Lund

Timber Framing Wall 2, Lund

Timber Framing Wall 3, Lund

Boy on Turtle (why is it called that?)

Nog (Enough)
(Part of the sentence “Allt kommer nog bli bra” (=”Everything will (probably) be fine) outside the LUX Library, Lund)

Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art, Lund

Bosebo Church at ‘Kulturen’, Lund

Fern 1

Yellow Foliage

Fern 2



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